I'm a wildlife film researcher currently based in Bristol. To get a better idea of what I do, take a look at my showreel below.

I've been passionate about the natural world for as long as I can remember, whether it was through exploring my garden and the local woods to learn about local wildlife, or watching documentaries and going to the zoo to see more exotic animals.


This passion led me to study Marine Biology, and then on to a Master's in Wild Animal Biology. It was at this stage that I was really exposed to how increasing urbanisation is bringing people into closer contact with wildlife than ever before, a subject which I am particularly interested in.


I am now working as a freelance wildlife film researcher, as well as helping to run a marine conservation magazine for 8-12 year olds - Sea Urchins. It is my aim to use the skills I have developed to show just how abundant wildlife is on our doorsteps, and inspire others to explore it for themselves.


Please feel free to get in touch using the links above.

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